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Research Project: Home

What makes a excellent Research question

  • Open-ended
  • Leads to asking other questions
  • Has more than a one word answer
  • Has more than one right answer
  • Requires effort and deep research
  • Not obvious or easily answered
  • Leads to multiple perspectives
  • Keeps you thinking/thought provoking
  • Could lead to controversy/debate

Welcome to the Research Project

Welcome to the RHS Research Project Library Guide for senior students.This guide aims to provide access to a range of tools and information sources to support you on your Research Project journey.


The library staff look forward to helping you on your way!

Access to the State Library of South Australia databases

The State Library provides home access to a number of full text eResources on a wide range of subjects including business, health and family history. Home access means that registered library users can access these eResources from outside the Library. Click on the icon below to register.

SACE Information

Websites offering Research Project support

Your public library is FANTASTIC for the Reseach Project

If you are a public library member (with a updated One Card membership) you can search the collections of 130 public libraries in South Australia and request resources straight from your computer and sent to the library of your choice. From the catalogue, find the information sources you are looking for, click hold and type in your borrower barcode in the barcode/username field and in the PIN field (only if you have a Renmark Public Library onecard) type in the last 4 digits of your borrower barcode. Choose the Renmark Public Library as your preferred library and they will be sent there and you will be notified either by phone, letter or email depending on your preference.

From their catalogue you also have access to online resources, in particular free digital magazines. Check out the variety of subjects and download the magazine straight onto your computer.

Want to know more? Contact the Renmark Public Library on  8586 5544 or start searching right now on their catalogue .