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World War 2 : Australia's involvement: Battles

Information sources

If you are looking for print and digital information sources don't forget to check the library catalogue available from the Quick links box on this page. Click on Visual Search and click on the Australians WW2 picture.

Books in our library

Australian War Memorial encyclopedia

Search the encyclopedia for further information
about your WWII topic.


Look up Australian Digitalised Newspapers for Primary Information

Battle of Britain 1940

Greece/Crete 1941 (Mediterranean)

Syria 1941 (Mediterranean)

New Guinea offensive 1943-44 (Pacific)

General sites

Milne Bay 1942 (Pacific)

Fall of Singapore 1942 (Pacific)

El Alamein 1942 (North Africa)

The Battle of the Coral Sea 1942 (Pacific)

Relevant Clickview videos

The following clickview videos may be worth watching :

Bombing of Darwin
Sydney at War : the untold story of the midget submarines
Tobruk (Desert War)
Kokoda Part One and Two
Conflict in the Pacific Part One and Two

To view them click on the clickview player icon on your school computer desktop.   
Click on the Clickview Digital Video Library, click on History and click on World War 2.
Scroll down the videos to find the title you are looking for.

If you wish to view them out of school, then click here. You will need a username and password which you must get from the Library Staff.