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Australia 1940 - 2000s History

Popular Culture Library Guide

Use this Library Guide as a starting point for your research on an aspect of Popular Culture.

To gain an overview of the 1940s - 2000s use the Library Guide home tab which has a link to the Visual Search function on the library catalogue for print resources and website links to look at significant events in Australia and the world during this time period.

The other tabs on the Library Guide including Film, Music, Sport and Television have website links including primary and secondary sources of information specifically related to these themes.

There may be print resources that will help you in your research. Use Fast Find on the library catalogue to search for these.

You will definitely be using the Online Referencing Generator to organise your reference list. Don't forget to gather your references using the ORG as you go!

Use Visual Search to start your research

As a starting point for your research and to help you form your inquiry question, click on Visual Search on the Library catalogue's home page. Under popular culture there are several icons which you can click on and find associated resources that you can find on the library shelves or website links that you can use in your research. The books in the decades icon have information on what was happening in the world under a vast array of themes including music, fashion, politics, technology etc.

It is a still important to use search on the library catalogue to find any other resources that might be useful in answering your inquiry  questions.

Australian History Timeline

Click on any decade to discover a 'short history' of Australia. The timeline consists of three categories of information including film clips, related websites and images and information about world events in the decade you are looking at.


Life in Australia through the decades

Search acriss the decades 1950s - 2000s to read a summary of each decade with information on history and politics, society and culture and science and technology.

World News and Events Year by Year

Use this website to find out what world news and events including sports, entertainment and science occurred in each year or click the decade link to get an overview of the major historical moments.