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Plate Tectonics: Home

Books in our Library

Use the World Book encyclopedias in the Reference Section of the library to find information on Plate Tectonics, Earthquakes, Tsunamis and Volcanoes.

Plate Tectonics in action

Clickview Player

Clickview is used at school to provide access to our digital video collection.At school use the Clickview Player to search and view our videos.

Click on the clickview player icon on your school computer desktop to gain access to Clickview. Use search to find them.

Useful videos on Clickview include :

Earthquake Tsunami - wave of destruction
Quakes from Hell
The Christchurch Earthquake - a case study
Why can't we predict earthquakes
Tsunami Killer Waves

Evaluating Information Sources found on the internet

As you look at information sources found on the internet, remember to test them for Currency, Reliability, Authority and their Purpose or Point of View. This is particularly important for this research assignment as you are investigating scientific advancement and innovation. The attached document gives further information on what to look for to make sure the information you are using meets this test.

Clickview Online

Clickview Online is for use out of school hours


Click on Clickview online when you are not at school to gain access to Clickview. The usernames and passwords are available from the library.