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Science Issues Analysis : Issues Analysis

Evaluating Information Sources found on the internet

As you look at information sources found on the internet, remember to test them for Currency, Reliability, Authority and their Purpose or Point of View. This is particularly important for this research assignment as you are investigating scientific advancement and innovation. The attached document gives further information on what to look for to make sure the information you are using meets this test.


Why use a database instead of Google?

Anyone can create a website, whether they know what they are talking about or not!

Databases provide access to reliable information from credible sources, which is only accessible through a paid subscription, so you won't be able to find it anywhere else on the web.

Click on the links below to start searching.

Middle School Research Centre 

  • Articles, videos and images
  • Covers every topic imaginable
  • Resourced from the most prominent newspapers and magazines all over the world

Points of View

  • 100 topics, each with an overview, point (argument) and counterpoint (opposing argument)

 The username and password are available from the library OR on your library database bookmark.

Criteria for excellent questions

Remember to use your Starburst template to ask questions about your topic and as you start to find information, you can finalise the main Focus Question for your research.
Your focus question should be:
  • Open-ended
  • Lead to asking other questions
  • Has more than a one word answer
  • Has more than one right answer
  • Requires effort and deep research
  • Not obvious or easily answered
  • Leads to multiple perspectives
  • Keeps you thinking/thought provoking
  • Could lead to controversy/debate