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The Industrial Revolution began in England in the middle of the 18th century and spread to the rest of Europe and the United States in the early 19 th century. This era changed the way people worked and lived. New machines were invented and a large part of the population moved from the countryside to urban areas.

Click on this website to give you an easy understandable overview of the Industrial Revolution.

Turning Points in History

A basic introduction to the Industrial Revolution

General web sites

Creating your bibliography using the Online Referencing Generator

  • A bibliography is a list of information sources known as references which you have used in your research.
  • The Online Referencing Generator (ORG) is a web tool that automatically creates your references for your bibliography in a style known as the Harvard Author-Date System.
  • The following five steps show you how to use the ORG and step six shows you what your bibliography should look like.
  • Click on ORG once you have looked at the five steps.
  • The link to the ORG is always available from the library webpage in the Quick Links box along with other web based research tools or in the libguides that you are using for your research.
  • Once you click on the link you are taken to a username and password. The username is left blank and the password is available from the library staff or your teacher.
  • Click on the Let's begin tab on the Middle School Bibliography option as shown below.


  • From the nine major types of information sources, look for the type of information source you are using and click on the correct link for that source.



  • For example : If you have a printed book with one author click on the first choice from the Book - printed source OR if you have a website without a author click on the fifth choice from the Website source.


  • Once you have clicked on your information source the screen below comes up with fields based on your choice of information source.
  • In this example you would fill in the following fields with the information from a printed book with an author.
  • You will always need to use capital letters as this is the only formatting the ORG does not automatically do.
  • If you choose a website as your information source you will need to fill in a field called Source. Look at your website and locate the publisher of the page as your source.
  • Click on Create citation once all the fields are filled in.

  • The citation will appear similar to the example below.
  • Highlight, copy and paste your reference into your own file either on your USB or on your student drive on the public share.
  • Notice the ORG formats and punctuates your reference automatically.
  • The Note: information always appears when you create your citation to remind you to arrange your references into alphabetical order by the first word when you are completing your bibliography.

  • Your bibliography is usually handed up as a separate page or slide (in a powerpoint) and attached to your assignment.
  • Click here to go to the ORG.
  • This is an example of a completed bibliography. Notice the heading and the references are in alphabetical order by the first word :


Eastwood, K 2004, Women and girls in the Middle Ages, Crabtree, New York.

Medieval Lords 2014, Medieval Life and Times, accessed 3 May 2015, <>.


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Subject headings

When you are using the library catalogue use these general subject headings to search for information about the Industrial Revolution.

Industrial Revolution

Great Britain History 19th century

Transport - History

Inventions - History

Scientists - Biography

Australia and the Industrial Revolution

Industrial Revolution on Clickview

The following videos can be watched on the Clickview Player at school or Clickview Online at home (ask the library staff for the username and password)

What the industrial revolution did for us series including episodes :

Material World
Working Wonders
On the Move
War Machine
City Living

The worst jobs in history episode 3

Industrial Jobs