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Human Rights: Home

Human Rights

On the Clickview Player at school or Clickview Online if you are at home, search Human Rights. A video program Human Rights and a computer file Discovering Democracy: human rights have information about what human rights are and why they are important.


Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Australian Laws


Humanitarian Organisations

The following RHS library books have information and a weblink to Humanitarian Organisations.

World Vision Australia

Save the Children

Australian Volunteers International

Amnesty International

Red Cross

Doctors without Borders 

Human Rights Books

The following are a selection of books that have information to help you answer your questions in your assignment. There are other books on the library shelves if you want further information.

Use the library catalogue and the subject search human rights to find them.

The encyclopedias e.g. World Book encyclopedias have information about Human Rights, The Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Humanitarian Organisations.

323 WAT

341.23 ADA

323 KRA

323.42 OCO