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Weather and Natural Disasters: Black Saturday Bushfire 2009

Graphics in your Bibliography

To correctly reference graphics (tables, charts, images, maps, cartoons etc.) using the Senior Bibliography on the Online Referencing Generator remember the following :

  • If they are from websites choose from the Website section for example Figure, table or graph (in the format box type in the type of graphic you are using)
  • If they are from printed resources choose from the Special Publication or Material section Figure, table or graph (as above in the format box type in the type of graphic you are using)


Black Saturday websites

Whittlesea Football Club Black Saturday Bushfire Documentary Part 1

The Whittlesea Football Club's Ground & Facilities were used during the February 7th Bushfires. The Documentary is how the Football Club assisted during this recent disaster.

Inside the Firestorm ABC

This is the story of Australias most devastating bushfires. Twenty-four terrifying hours through the eyes of those who were there, the witnesses caught inside the firestorm that would re-write history and change all the rules.

Australia's Firestorm BBC My Country Documentary

Click on the link Creating the perfect Firestorm which provides additional information from the BBC.

The weather behind Black Saturday - from the Clickview Digital Library

The Weather Channel's meteorological experts, survivors, fire scientists and CFA's Chief Officer reveal in detail how the weather created a perfect storm of destruction where extreme temperatures melted metal and fireballs of wind raced at over 120 kilometres per hour.  In the months and days leading up to Black Saturday, the Weather Channel was monitoring a disaster in the making. Senior Meteorologist Dick Whitaker recognised the signs; long drought, a little rain, growing fuel, low humidity and hot desert winds.

If you do not know your username and password ask the library staff OR search for this title on the Clickview Player at school (on the computer desktop click on this icon )

Black Saturday Journal articles

Links to two PDF articles from ECOS the CSIRO magazine looking at the Black Saturday bushfires. To reference the articles, click on the third icon from the top on the right hand side (the word cite pops up) of the page. Choose Harvard and copy and paste the reference into your bibliography.

Effective Disaster Recovery Report